POWR (People of West Ridge) NFP, a nonprofit community organization created to improve the quality of life in West Ridge, celebrated its first anniversary in April 2016.

We believe that West Ridge needs involved, engaged citizens to fight against the entrenched interests whose decisions too often have a negative impact on our lives. Residents must organize to create change so that the entire community has a voice in decision-making, planning, and economic development.

We are not a membership organization, but function as a community resource that will provide the help and support concerned residents need to effect change in areas important to them. 

POWR is actively recruiting residents to:

  • Make participatory budgeting a reality in our Ward
  • Work for inclusive economic development on California, Devon, Lincoln, Peterson, Touhy, and Western Avenues
  • Attract and support businesses that are responsive to the needs and demands of the entire community
  • Revive the sense of civic engagement necessary to a strong and vibrant community life
  • Reach across ethnic, religious, and cultural barriers to strengthen the sense of community
  • Create an arts district, including performance and gallery spaces, and a community cultural center
  • Improve housing opportunities and fight slumlords

Working together, we can make a difference.We can improve the quality of life in West Ridge for all who call this community home.


7 responses to “Home

  1. Which 7 or 8 Chicago Wards are currently using participatory budgets?
    Which one stopped after trying it for a while?


  2. Aracely Henriquez

    I just read the article on dna- west ridge about your group and want to join the cause.


  3. How do I sign the petition?


  4. Charles Jimenez

    Is there a petition center this weekend of the 31st.?


  5. I want to sign the petition.


  6. Deborah Grimson

    I want to sign the petition.


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