POWR (People of West Ridge) NFP was created as a result of the 2015 aldermanic election. An incumbent who refused to meet her opponents in fair and open dialog about issues of concern to residents and businesses was re-elected because only one-third (7,800) of the ward’s 25,000 registered voters turned out to vote.

While not all residents are eligible to vote, all can and should participate in civic and community life. Residents can and should be heard when decisions are made that impact the quality of their lives, the schooling of their children, the condition of their housing, and the delivery of city services paid for through their taxes. Most importantly, residents need to be heard when it comes to economic development, an issue the current alderman simply ignores.

POWR begins with the belief that residents want a voice in these decisions; that residents should be part of the decision-making process; and that positive change can and must be created by residents themselves. By coming together in sufficient numbers that our voices can no longer be ignored, we can have a positive impact on our neighborhood and a profound impact on our own lives.

POWR is inclusive, without prejudice with regard to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, religious belief, or national origin. POWR is nonpartisan; your politics are your own business.

POWR’s only goal is community empowerment.

POWR is not a membership organization but serves as a resource tool that  highlights issues of community concern and supports the work of individuals and organizations doing the hard work of community improvement.



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