Current committees are listed below. If there’s one you’d like to join, or if your concern isn’t represented, please contact

  • Participatory Budgeting – In 2017, volunteers from this committee will arrange and/or host workshops on PB throughout the ward. We are particularly looking for native speakers of Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, and other languages to help translate educational materials and present the facts on PB to our immigrant community. In early 2018, this committee will  recruit precinct managers and petition circulators to gather signatures for a petition to place an advisory referendum on PB on the November 2018 ballot
  • Economic Re-development — POWR has completed its research survey of businesses operating within the 50th Ward and is currently tabulating and analyzing survey results. Once this report is released (Fall 2016), POWR will collaborate with other community groups to host discussions with and between residents and business owners with the goal of creating a plan for inclusive economic development that will meet the needs and serve the demands of all residents as well as appeal to shoppers throughout the metropolitan area
  • Housing — combatting slumlords and absentee owners who do not maintain their properties or adequately screen or safeguard their tenants, reversing the trend of deteriorating multi-family housing, particularly in the largest buildings in the south and southeast ends of the ward – not currently active
  • Senior Services — helping the ward’s seniors to age well within the community (aging in place) – in formation – contact us if you’d like to participate
  • PowrArts – celebrating arts and culture throughout West Ridge – in formation – contact us if you’d like to participate



2 responses to “Committees

  1. Katherine McSpadden

    I would like to know who the officers of this organization are, committee chairs, Board members. Thanks.


    • POWR is not a membership organization but is a community resource tool. Its committees are fluid, with people coming together to work on projects of interest to them, such as the participatory budgeting process. POWR does not accept financial contributions, and is not beholden to, sponsored by, or controlled by any political, economic, or special interests within or outside the 50th Ward.

      You might be interested in our sister site, 50th Ward, started during last year’s aldermanic campaign. If you read it from the beginning, the thought pattern that led to POWR’s creation becomes clear. The frustrations outlined on Follies gave birth to the causes addressed by POWR.


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